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One-Stop Chess

for Palm OS

Value priced, easy to use, very powerful. "Hint" and "Undo" for beginners. GNU-based engine will satisfy experienced players.

All the features game players demand, at the price you've come to expect: zero.

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ONE-STOP CHESS is the best value in Palm chess. Rich array of features for beginners and experts alike.

Perfect for beginners
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Play against the computer or a friend
  • "Hint" feature suggests your next move
  • Reverse mistakes with unlimited undo
  • Switch sides anytime
  • Runs in color or grayscale
  • Compatible with any Palm since 1998
Challenges the experts
  • Proven GNU Chess engine
  • 6500-move opening book
  • 10 skill levels
  • Edit board to arrange any start position
  • Adjust opponent behavior with Dither and Contempt settings
  • Onscreen buttons for common functions
  • Display coordinates on board

System requirements

  • Any handheld running Palm OS 3.5 or greater - This includes models from Palm, Handspring, Sony, HandEra, Samsung, Kyocera, Acer, and Symbol
  • At least 80 KB of available memory