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ChromaGames, MDM Game Essentials Card, and T5/LifeDrive Support

Mobile Digital Media (MDM), publisher of the Game Essentials Card, has confirmed their card is incompatible with Palm Tungsten T5 and LifeDrive. 30 days after purchase, four of the games on the card will expire, asking the user to enter an unlock key. The key is actually located on the game card, but cannot be accessed by the games due to the incompatibility.

MDM has issued this statement recommending T5/LifeDrive users return their cards:

On 8/12/05, Card Support wrote:
> Thank you for contacting MDM Customer Support.
> We did confirm that the Game Essentials suite is not compatible with
> either the T5 or LifeDrive devices. We have been advising customers
> with the above devices to return the product since we cannot do anything
> at this point.
> The most common issue is that the customers are being prompted for
> registration key as if the games as demo versions. We have no way of
> providing them with registration key since the product is fully
> registered version.
> Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.
> Best regards,
> MDM Customer Support
> Mobile Digital Media (MDM)
> http://www.goMDM.com
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> From: removed@gmail.com [mailto:removed@gmail.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 12:48 PM
> To: Card Support
> Subject: MDM Product Support Request
> *Name:
> William Mitchell
> City/State:
> Orange County, CA
> *What product are you having trouble with?
> PalmPak Game Essentials
> *Which Device do you use?
> Tungsten T5
> *If you have having trouble with a CD or download product, what computer
> and operating systems are you using?
> Any version of Windows
> *Please describe the problem(s) in detailed steps below:
> Upgrading from m500 or m505 to T5 causes most PalmPak games to be
> disabled.
> Hello, I'm the developer of ChromaGames, one of the products included
> with PalmPak Game Essentials. We've received three customer reports of
> this so far. All reports were received after July 1, 2005. This
> appears to affect only people who upgrade from the m500 series.
> Do you have a solution for this? It affects at least 4 games on the
> PalmPak Games cards, from 4 different developers.