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Free Palm Chess Game
Simple controls, powerful GNU engine, beginner hints. Free download.

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Free Palm Solitaire Game
24 solitaire games including Klondike, all other classics. Free download.

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Product Support Information

TitleRelease DateSupported by
Tiger Woods Golf7/15/99EA SPORTSMore Info
ChromaGames12/15/99AstrawareMore Info
Gammon12/1/00noneMore Info
Game Essentials Pack with ChromaGames11/15/04MDMMore Info
One-Stop Chess3/15/05noneMore Info
One-Stop Solitaire3/15/05noneMore Info
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About Whitehorse Games

Whitehorse is one of the very first makers of Palm game software. Our releases include Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf (1999), ChromaGames (1999), Gammon (2000), One-Stop Solitaire (2005) and One-Stop Chess (2005).

We also produced the first cartridge for the original Handspring Visor PDA (Tiger Woods Golf again). Our product had a full-page screenshot in Newsweek in September 1999.

Tiger Palm sold over 35,000 units, or about 3.5% of the entire Palm installed base at that time. Gammon was bundled with the Palm M505 and M515 -- one of Palm's first 3rd-party bundle deals.

Designing Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf and Chroma Games

Would-be Palm game developers may be curious to read about the making of ChromaGames and the making of Tiger Woods Golf.